Kids App Ideas for a Smooth Transition Into Fall


The kids are back in school. Here are a few app ideas for a smooth transition into fall.
Yuvi is a fun and entertaining way for kids to be more active. They follow Yuvi’s jumping jacks, yoga, and running in place to move the main character on to the next challenge. Along the way they learn lessons of working towards a goal, the importance of teamwork, and compassion.

Created by a pediatrician and father, this app positively reinforces and rewards a child’s behavior (and, because it works for any number of children, prevents a parent from confusing who’s earned what). A photo of the agreed-to reward for a particular task or behavior divides itself into a number of puzzle pieces based on how many days or how many tasks a child must complete to earn the reward. As the child works toward the goal, they fill in the puzzle pieces. When the puzzle is complete, the child earns the reward.
Connect with local libraries and borrow thousands of ebooks and audiobooks using a phone or tablet. It’s a helpful tool to get kids reading and has multiple ways to interact with the playback controls on audiobooks. Great way to find new books.

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