Seven Brown Generations


Bill Brown’s heritage in Northeast Texas goes back seven generations.

“They were here when there were Indian camps and before the Civil War,” he says.

He grew up on the family land and he and his wife Sandy now live there carrying on agricultural traditions.

“My dad always had his hands in the ground — in the dirt, the yard, the pastures, the woods — and I get to carry on that legacy,” he says.

As an oil field engineer, Brown likes to be outside and “out where it’s happening,” he says. He’s passing that passion on to his grandkids to continue the traditions.

“It wasn’t long ago that I had all the grandsons out and we went on an all-day expedition,” Brown says. “We trekked down in the ravine that used to be a creek.”

With six grandkids and a great grandbaby, the future of the Brown family legacy is vibrant. Read more about the Browns at

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