Silent Conversations With Artist Gary Bacher


A Piece by Artist Gary Bacher

Each year one of the participating artists in the Edom Art Festival provides artwork for the festival’s poster (see on opposite page) and T-shirts. For 2018 the honor goes to Gary Bacher of New Boston, Texas.

Bacher’s brilliantly colored hand-drawn images are often pattern-like in their repetition, but include subtle variations. His mandala for the poster with fancy goldfish circling the moon among water plants is typical of his favorite imagery. His works often include the moon, mandalas, plants and animals. Many times he includes children, but always from their backs to encourage the viewer to embrace the image from a child’s perspective.

Bacher cannot speak about his work. He lost the ability years ago from a stroke that rendered him unable to talk, write, or use his right hand. This was a devastating setback for the skilled pianist and family physician. Slowly, with limited mobility on his left side, he learned to draw with his left hand.

His art is his strongest and most communicative way to express himself and he usually offers a positive comment on the interconnectedness and cyclic nature of the world.

“The full moon is a beautiful constant in his work. When we look up on a moonlit night we understand that we are part of something so much bigger,” says Gabrielle Bacher, Gary’s wife.

Because of his aphasia, she has to articulate for him and interprets his work verbally at art shows. He is always in attendance though, often in the back of the booth working on a small drawing.

“When he is at art shows,” she says, “he is happy, he is ‘speaking’ through his art and interacting.”

Their touring schedule takes them all over the country, including shows in San Antonio, Chicago, Arizona, and many more. Catch him in Edom October 13-14.


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