Announcing Season 1 of Adventure and Romance Airing on Amazon Prime


A new Amazon Prime TV show called “Adventure and Romance Show,” features couple Lee and Alicia DuCote taking viewers on some adventurous “date nights.”

“A relationship that is adventurous is a relationship that will last,” Lee says. “

The couple created a streaming TV show that combines adventure and romance for couples to gain ideas of how to get out and enjoy one another.

“A & R is full of crazy but fun adventures that are inspiring and affordable for those wishing to add something to their relationship,” Lee says.

Some of their adventures include frog “grabbin” in a swamp, driving race cars in Texas, spelunking caves in Arkansas, hunting Sasquatch, and more.

Lee, a seven-time published novelist and author, says he hopes the show encourages couples to push past simple dinner-and-a-show dates and get outside and be adventurous.

Alicia, a college professor, co-hosts with Lee.

“She keeps viewers laughing and on the edge of their seats with her willingness to try anything,” he says, noting their predicaments push their fears and nerves to the next level.

Visit for the lineup of season one and more information.

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