Artist Beth Hubbert Lives, Paints in Full Color


Artist Beth Hubbert creates impasto, textured paintings with numerous bright, happy colors.

“Art is a thread that has run through my very being and core ever since I was old enough to hold a crayon,” she says. “I use art to express myself and how I reflect upon the world and its experiences.”

She was born in Paris, Texas, and after living in Dallas for a time, she now resides in Sherman.

Her mother was a big influence on her journey into art.

“As a child, my mother was very influential and encouraging to me in my creative efforts from art and dance lessons to becoming involved in the local community theater,” Hubbert says. “Creative encounters with the world were part of my upbringing which included visits to art museums and going to see a variety of theatrical experiences in our area. My upbringing always pointed me to my true north which I had no doubt would entail artistic aspirations. Of all the creative experiences I had, I knew my direction would specifically be focused on art because that was my language. Art is the way I see, interpret, and translate the world. I have such respect for people who start with the seed of an idea and nurture it and make it grow and flourish into something that can make a difference.”

Hubbert received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting and drawing as well as an all-level art certification at the University of North Texas in Denton.

She met her husband John and a couple of years later they were surprised with triplet daughters and a son soon followed. She focused on her family and teaching art for a number of years.

“I had a very fulfilling creative job teaching art to elementary students,” Hubbert says. “Every year I had a school-wide art auction at our school to raise money for our local no-kill animal shelter and also to raise money for art supplies at our school. I felt it was very important for my students to understand what it means to collaborate with others for a specific purpose as a school community and give back and also help each other.”

Besides helping a community, Hubbert knows the arts are imperative as part of kids education curriculum.

“I witnessed what they could do for my students to enrich their lives and assist in their emotional development and creative thinking skills. I truly loved teaching children about art and seeing the joy it could bring to them, be they happy or not when they entered my classroom. If they walked away with a smile on their face or had some sense of accomplishment, then I felt I had succeeded.”

Understandably, with four kids at home and her teaching job, she put her own art on the back burner until her children were in high school.

“Painting had been a luxury when I was raising our kids, but I knew there would be a time and place when I could let that voice be heard again. Little by little this grew until a full-fledged direction to paint as much as possible emerged,” she says.

Today, she says she paints almost daily.

“Having the freedom to completely focus on my art is such a gift. In my art studio, I am enveloped in an environment where I am free to be imaginative as I start a new painting. I have focused on my art in a way that I have never been able to in my entire life.”

Travels with her husband fed her creative spirit.

“My vision of the world and everyday experiences includes living in full color and texture,” she says. “I paint from a happy place whether I start from a happy place or not. Art is very therapeutic for me. I cannot paint the darkness, although I know many can, because I have always been drawn to create when I am introspective about anything, be it good or bad.”

Hubbert says she tries to tone down the colors sometimes but the bright ones always make it on to the canvas.

“I embrace and celebrate the fact that I am able to do this at this time in my life,” she says. “My opportunity to make someone smile when viewing my art is a gift.”

Beth Hubbert’s art is sometimes featured in galleries in the Upper East Side of Texas and is in Mila Delfin in McKinney. She does art shows from time to time including the Edom Art Festival taking place October 12 and 13. Learn more on


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