Castle Oaks Winery & Vineyard Offers Good Wine and Hospitality


Castle Oaks Winery & Vineyard Offers Good Wine and Hospitality

10367 County Road 3909, Athens, TX

(903) 677-3776


Castle Oaks Winery and Vineyard in Athens stole a “peach” of my heart when they met me and my Sip & Shop Texas tour buddies recently with a tray full of their handmade peach sangria. 

Greeted by owners Roger and Benita Middleton, the hospitality of Castle Oaks is unmatched. The family owned and operated vineyard nestled in East Texas is truly a treat for the taste buds. 

On Friday evenings, Castle Oaks is open for fire cooked pizzas from 5 - 9 p.m. On Saturdays they offer assorted tapas and bread and cheese platters to pair with a glasses of wine. 

The driveway to Castle Oaks leads through the vineyard. The beautiful deep purple grape called “Black Spanish” or “Lenoir” is grown in the Castle Oaks Vineyard. This grape was originally brought over from Spain and was used by the monks for the purpose of sacrament wine.

Just past the vineyard is a tasting room where guests can choose the interior comfort of a tasting room or a fun courtyard with table seating and outdoor love seats.

Just like duct tape and a hammer, chocolate and wine can fix most problems too and Castle Oaks has combined the best of both and created a divine chocolate wine called Chocolate Abyss. It doesn’t get any better. It tastes like a smooth sip of creamy chocolate right from your glass. I tried by bottle poolside with some ice cream when I got home.

If chocolate isn't your thing, the tasting room now has homemade cupcakes to soothe your sweet tooth.

The peach sangria was a group favorite and Benita was kind enough to share her special sangria ingredients with us.

Castle Oaks Peach Wine 

Ginger ale Orangeade Flavor

Simple Syrup (she uses Hurricane)

Fresh Peach Slices & Blueberries 

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