Creative Partners Share Exploding Rainbow Vomit


Father-son duo Jason and Julian Mendez teamed up with entrepreneur Deanna Theis to create Rainbow Vomit this year, an immersive art exhibit and Instagram museum designed to bring to life comic books in a technicolor world of light, sound, and color. Completing the management team is their experience director, “Rainbow” Rob Andrews.

Located near Fair Park in Dallas, the business features ongoing exhibitions and special events throwing guests into a world exploding with all the colors of the rainbow, and filled with more than 20 unique, Instagramable photo opportunities. Theis and Andrews led a core creative team dubbed the Vomiteers to get the inside of the building the way they wanted it.

“The group worked together using many mediums including vinyl, painting, graphic design, spray paint, lighting, sound design, and comic book art, putting in thousands of hours to bring to life the artwork inside Rainbow Vomit,” Theis says.  

The exhibit encourages selfies and is home to more than 6,000 LED lights, 100 pounds of cotton, 25 pounds of glitter, five miles of ribbon and one secret unicorn.

The name Rainbow Vomit came about one day while Theis was working on a particular design and Andrews commented on how it looked like rainbow vomit.

“This was the light bulb moment where the concept of Rainbow Vomit came about as a mish-mash of art styles all wrapped around a central theme of love and acceptance of individuality,” Theis says. “The name Rainbow Vomit encapsulates the beautiful mess of art that makes up the exhibit.”

The owners say their immersive art exhibit is designed to transport visitors to a world of color and imagination in which a comic book comes to life.

“The exhibit incorporates many different styles of art, particularly pop-art in the vein of Lichenstein and Warhol, along with comic-book and fantasy elements,” Theis says. “Together it all blends into a unique place to take fun photos with your loved ones while finding one’s inner child, as visitors try and discover the secret of Rainbow Vomit hidden in the art.”

From time to time they add and make changes to the exhibit.

“Ever since opening we have been adding touches big and small to the exhibit. New pieces have been created, more clouds were made, new props were added, and an entire new lighting setup was installed in conjunction with the recently launched ‘Night Mode,’ where visitors can experience Rainbow Vomit in a new light,” Theis says. “We are always looking for ways to add to the enjoyment of the exhibit, and will soon be adding new secrets as well as hosting more events such as art classes and a ‘Pics & Paws’ event where visitors can bring their dog to take pictures.” 

Theis says since opening about 15,000 people have visited Rainbow Vomit and they are considering opening locations in other cities.

“After many months of observing visitors, we see them exude feelings of joy and love after visiting the exhibit, taking the experience of Rainbow Vomit with them.”

Rainbow Vomit is located at 3609 Parry Avenue, Dallas, TX 75226. Visits last an hour and are set to scheduled times. General admission tickets are $23 on weekdays and $28 on weekends, and a discount for seniors and military members. Children under three have free admission. For more information on the exhibit, call (469) 248-0953 or visit their website at

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