Noises Off Is Greenville’s Newest Play


“Noises Off” comes to the Greenville Municipal Auditorium September 13 - 15 as Greenville Theatre Works’ third production this year. This three-act play is their most ambitious show yet with a large cast and a two-story set built on a turn-table.

Guests watch as a theatre troupe is staging a fictitious play and pretty much everything that could go wrong does. In Act 1, the cast is doing their final rehearsal before opening night, still missing cues and not quite getting it right. In Act II, meet the cast a few weeks into their multi-week run, only this time from backstage and see that relationships are deteriorating. Then in Act III, the cast is near the end of their run, and at this point the set is falling apart, props are missing, and the plot is all but gone.

Tickets are $20 and are available at or call the box office at  (903) 457-3126.

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