Communities Statewide Invited to Read Across Texas

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The Texas Center for the Book (TCFB) invites libraries and community non-profits to join in a statewide reading campaign, Read Across Texas. This program’s theme for 2019 is Know Your Neighbor: Cultivating Communities of Compassion. It runs through the spring and summer, with libraries throughout the state signing up to host reading and discussion programs. Three cities’ libraries in the Upper East Side of Texas have already signed up to participate: Mineola, Hughes Springs, and Jacksonville, and others may be added to this list as the event progresses.

The TCFB sponsors Read Across Texas to encourage meaningful discourse. The campaign features four book selections that explore the complex topic of what it means to “know your neighbor” and encourages communities to engage in challenging, insightful and transformative conversations. Each community can choose a title from the recommended list and hold a book discussion on what cultivating compassion can look like within that community.

TCFB, which is administered by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission, is also making available grants to libraries to help them buy books that can be used in group discussions. Libraries and organizations can access an online step-by-step facilitator toolkit that includes materials such as a how-to guide, additional recommended titles, digital resources and links to discussion questions. The toolkit along with the program registration form and grant application are available at

Activities for Read Across Texas begin in March, but libraries and organizations may conduct programs throughout the spring and summer. Know Your Neighbor: Cultivating Communities of Compassion offers libraries a broad canvas for convening individuals and groups together to explore the unique questions, challenges and solidarity that can occur in communities throughout the state.

Established in 1987, the Texas Center for the Book seeks to stimulate public interest in books, reading, literacy and libraries. The Center builds partnerships with library professionals, educators, authors, publishers and booksellers who work to promote a love of literature throughout the Lone Star State.

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