Henderson County Performing Arts Center Announces Awards

Left to right: HCPAC Board President Mark Roberts, Jim Ogburn, Garrett Smith, James Michael-Losey

The Henderson County Performance Center announced the winners of The ALTY Awards (ALTY derived from the original name, Athens Little Theater) for is 2018 season at their annual awards ceremony held Sunday, February 24.

Winners of the 2018 ALTYS were:

Best Actor in a Drama/Comedy (3) – Jim Ogburn in Animal Farm, Garrett Smith in The Odd Couple, and James Michael-Lose in The Odd Couple

Best Actress in a Drama/Comedy – Fran Bardwell in Skin of Our Teeth

Best Supporting Actor in a Drama/Comedy (5) – Jim Ogburn in The Odd Couple, Gary Williams in The Odd Couple, Riley Eidson in The Odd Couple, Cameron Griffis in The Odd Couple, and Tim Brewer in Animal Farm

Best Supporting Actress in a Drama/Comedy – Maria Ogburn in A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Best Actor/Musical - Mathew Frick in A Christmas Carol

Best Actress/Musical (2) - Heidi Davis in James and The Giant Peach, Lauren Pickle in James and The Giant Peach

Best Supporting Actor/Musical - J Niswonger in A Christmas Carol

Best Supporting Actress/Musical - Felicity Walker in A Christmas Carol

Special Recognition/Musical Direction - Maria Ogburn

All Shows:
Best Ensemble - A Christmas Carol 
Best Cameo Actor (2) -Shelby Dorsey in A Christmas Carol and Kenyon Walker in A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Best Cameo Actress - Shelley Cruz in The Odd Couple

HCPAC begins it’s 2019 Season with Neil Simon’s Barefoot in the Park running February 28 - March 8. HCPAC is celebrating its 55th year of performances and educational programs in Athens and Henderson County.

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