Los Vivancos Dance Company to Perform at UT Tyler Cowan Center

Photo credit: losvivancos.com

Los Vivancos Dance Company, current contestants on the television talent show “The World’s Best,” will perform at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, February 26, at University of Tyler’s Cowan Center.

This Spanish dance company is known worldwide for their extraordinary fusion of disciplines – ballet, flamenco, circus techniques, music, and martial arts. Elias, Aaron, Judah, Cristo, Josua and Israel Vivancos are the six brothers who make up Los Vivancos. They have performed their show, Born to Dance, in 54 countries.

At five years old, the brothers learned to dance in the school that their father founded, and each one studied an instrument. “We get up in the morning and we do an hour and a half of ballet, then we study an instrument for two hours. In the afternoon, we go to the gym for two hours, and then we rehearse,” explains Aaron.

For more information on the Tyler performance, call (903)566-7424 or visit www.cowancenter.org.

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