Scott Simons "Fields" Exhibit at Winnsboro Center for the Arts

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“Fields” is a solo exhibit by Scott Simons now through February at Winnsboro Center for the Arts, 200 Market Street. The exhibit showcases both ceramic and canvases by the artist.

Growing up with an artist parent in an East Texas farming town, Scott Simons’ creative nature was nourished from a young age. Art classes started around the age of five and included private tutoring in watercolors and oils by middle school. Art studies in high school morphed into design studies in college, then morphed back into a painting practice in early adulthood.

From Simons’ website, he makes the following statements: “Through this series of work, I continue to explore the same themes and visuals that have always kept me painting.”

“Whether you look through a microscope or look through an airplane window, our world is textured, diverse, pocked, patterned and burnished in its splendor. It isn’t always pretty, but it’s always beautiful. “

Simons continues, “I love deep forests, oceans, vast deserts, and outer space - the mystery and beauty of what seems like endlessness. We can only see what we can see. For me, there is something deeply spiritual there; something very human about being slightly blind, all the time. We are, in many ways in this life, operating with very limited sight.”

For more information on the “Fields” exhibit, call (903) 342-0686 or visit

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