Susan Howard from TV Show "Dallas" Born in Marshall

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Susan Howard, best known for her eight years as Donna Krebbs in the prime-time soap opera “Dallas,” was born Jeri Lynn Mooney in Marshall, Texas on January 28, 1944.

Winning awards for acting at Marshall High School, she then attended the University of Texas for two years before following her dream in Los Angeles. She won a Soap Opera Digest award for her role in “Dallas” in 1986. Other TV shows and movies she appeared in, from the 1960s through the 1980s, include “The Monkees,” “The Flying Nun,” “Star Trek,” “I Dream of Jeannie,” “Bonanza,” “Columbo,” “Marcus Welby M.D.,” “The Paper Chase,” and “The Love Boat.”

She and her husband now live outside Austin, Texas, and she continues to be a frequent visitor to Marshall where her mother and brother reside.

She is an active member of the Writers Guild of America, and continues writing for television, something she began on “Dallas.” She also serves on the Texas Commission on the Arts. 

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