Kids Will Love this Musical Treat about Animal Friends

Two fun-loving pups get into mischief before realizing they have to get home, and an unlikely foursome of animal friends set out to find a better life making music together. Both stories come to life in Mount Vernon Music’s (MVM) annual children’s concert set for Monday, June 11, at 2 p.m. in Mount Vernon Music Hall.

Part of the Franklin County Library’s summer enrichment programs, Beagles’ Day Out and The Town Musicians, a Musical Adventure will delight children young and old with the combination of original music by Benedikt Brydern, entertaining stories, and colorful illustrations by Rose Roeder and Madeline Crist.

Admission is free. Memberships in MVM start at $25 and are good for the entire season from June 1 through May 31. For more information call Mount Vernon Music at 903.563.3780, or visit  

Narrator Sherry Daniel joins musicians Debbie Ragsdale, flute; Mark Miller, violin; Ute Miller, viola; and Zachary Mansell, cello. Copies of the newly released book and CD of The Town Musicians in English and Spanish, signed by the performers upon request, will be available to purchase and enjoy at home.

The concert will open with short performances by winners of MVM’s Betty Whitlock Scholarship awards: Ashton Carter, marimba; Sarah Phillips, piano; Matthew Phillips, piano; and Michaela Bearer, violin.

Mount Vernon Music Hall is located at 402 Leftwich Street, Mount Vernon, Texas.

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