Arts in Health Conference Scheduled

An ever growing body of research shows that the arts have a positive impact on healthcare and healing.  The national leader in representing this growing and dynamic field is the National Organization for Arts in Health (NOAH) which provides transformational leadership to bring the field of arts and health together, and to move it forward.

Don't miss when NOAH returns to Austin on October 8-10 for their second annual conference Reimagining the Future of Arts in Health (held in conjunction with the 31st Healthcare Facilities Symposium & Expo (HFSE). Register HERE for NOAH and note the June 1st Early Bird registration deadline. 

This year, in addition to NOAH's Arts in Health track, pre-symposium workshops are offered October 7 for administrators of Arts in Health programs, and for an Introduction to Managing Arts Programs in Healthcare Facilities, and Exploring and Building the Intersections of the Arts and Public Health in the United States, as well as opportunities throughout the conference for participatory arts activities.

To learn more about NOAH click here.

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