Celebrating Our Best Visual Artists

Route 66 Memories by David Tripp (Weiler House Fine Art and Antique Gallery)

Artists brighten our world, show us how to see things differently, and make us actually feel their creativity. That's why County Line Magazine includes the talents of artists in every issue we publish. Plus, once a year during the Best of the Upper East Side of Texas campaign, we recognize artists who are favorites among our readers. 

The title of Best Artist in the most recent poll goes to David Tripp. 

Tripp is a former Arlington Independent School District teacher who now enjoys spending time painting nostalgic watercolor scenes from small Texas towns and countryside. His latest endeavor had him spending most weekends working at The Gallery at Redlands in Palestine on “The American Railroad Odyssey” train exhibit during the holidays.

Tripp plans to be at the Edom Art Festival October 13 and 14. More information available at www.visitedom.com/edom-art-festival

See some of his amazing work on his website www.recollections54.com.

Honorable Mention recognition for the 2017 campaign goes to Valery Guignon, Winnsboro.

Past years' winners:

  • Debora Schubert Lytle (2016)
  • Karen Musgraves, Mineola (2015)
  • Maureen Killaby, Lindale (2014)
  • Potters Brown, Edom (2013)
  • Bruce Peil/Athens (2012)
  • Bobbye Koncak from Mineola (2011)
  • Georgia Lange Moore, Winnsboro (2010)
  • 2009: Zeke & Marty in Edom (2009)
  • 2008: Kathy Rachal Winnsboro (2008)
  • 2007: Cheryl Hicks, Athens (2007)
  • 2006: Zeke and Marty Zewick (2006)
  • Ryan Ayers (2005)
  • Paige Bridges (2004)
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