Jefferson Playhouse is Spreading it Around

Jefferson's Opera House Theatre Players are continuing their 30th anniversary this year with the presentation of the hit comedy "Spreading it Around." 

The play is written by Londos  D'Arrigo, a stage and television writer for more than 30 years and well known for creating hard-hitting laughs for comedy legends Phyllis Diller, Lily Tomlin and Joan Rivers. He was a writer for Rivers' New York and L.A. based talk shows and contributed heavily to her stage act and countless TV appearances.  He also toured the U.S., Canada, Britain and Australia with the comedienne. 

Since "Spreading it Around" premiered in Atlanta, Georgia, the comedy has shown throughout North America garnering standing ovations and rave reviews wherever it has played. It is the story of a well-to-do widow living in Florida who grows tired of handing out money to her neglectful and unappreciative children and sets up a foundation to give her money to people truly in need. When her greedy son and his shopaholic wife find out what she's up to, they attempt to have her declared financially incompetent. However, Mom learns of their scheme and turns tables on them, showing just how competent she really is.

Jefferson's community theatre is presenting the comedy at 7:30 p.m. June 8 and 9, in the Jefferson Playhouse. Playing the lead role of Angie, is Sara Davis; her neighbor, Martin, is being played Guy Ellis. The role of Angie's son is played by acting newcomer Bill Ramsey while Jane Coady plays his wife, Traci.  Appearing in the role of the psychiatrist, Rochelle, is another newcomer to acting, Laura Romise. Stage manager is Lynda Schelling and Scott Imhof is set artist.  Marcia Thomas is directing the play which puts it close to 150 productions and/or events she has successfully produced, directed or created throughout three decades of the Jefferson Playhouse. 

Tickets are on sale now online by going to

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