Bye-Bye, Ugly Gray Metal Box ̶ Hello, Public Art

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Keep Tyler Beautiful’s Beauty and the Box program has wrapped its 30th box. Nestled at the corner of Gentry Parkway and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard by Caldwell Zoo, the box features a photograph of a squirrel monkey in a tree taken by Linda Davidson.

“I love the Beauty and the Box program because it brings a little refreshing beauty to each corner in the city of Tyler,” says Davidson. “I decided to sponsor this specific box because it’s near the entrance to the Caldwell Zoo, one of my favorite places to go to photograph the wide variety of animals and birds. This little spider monkey caught my attention and I thought it would make a perfect cover for the box near the zoo. I hope it brings a smile to everyone’s face when they see it.”

Keep Tyler Beautiful’s Beauty and the Box program brings local business and organizations together with local artists to bring artwork to Tyler's street corners. Anyone can sponsor a utility box in Tyler. The sponsor will be able to choose from a selection of approved artwork at Main Street Gallery and a small sponsor banner at the bottom of the box will be added with the name of the business/organization.

Local artists are also encouraged to continue submitting their artwork to Main Street Gallery to be considered for this program.

For more information, contact Angela Bennis at (903) 595-7217 or email View more information on the website at

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