Country Music the World Over Bound for Jefferson

Musical acts include the 058 Band from Croatia.

The saying goes that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And so if you love country music, you’ll love the acts converging on Jefferson, Texas, November 2 through 5.

That’s when the Texas Sounds International Country Music Awards brings participants from around the world and audience members from across the nation to Jefferson.
International musicians flock to Jefferson in the hopes of winning a Texas Sounds Award. A Texas Sounds award exerts a substantial positive influence on each musician’s career. Texas Sounds attracts the best country artists from every nation.

The organizers expect 20 acts from 15 nations. Free admission is provided for active U.S. military and first responders.

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Preliminary line-up: 

  • Sentiment Falls – Sweden
  • Country Rio – Mexico
  • Rúnar Eff – Iceland
  • HunTer – South Africa
  • Axel O & Co. – Iceland
  • RIAH! – Mariah Butler – Ireland
  • The Sugarmoons – U.S.A.
  • Che Orton – New Zealand
  • Sarah & the Romans – Croatia
  • Chisum Cattle Co. – Spain
  •  Max Tyler – Spain
  • Junior John Jackson – South Africa
  • Richard Stuart – Bahamas
  • Whippoorwill – Susanne Hellström – Sweden
  • LoveFlowers – Sweden
  • Mikol Frachey – Italy
  • Jason Bradley – South Africa
  • 058 Band – Croatia
  • Dusty & Stones – The Kingdom of Swaziland
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