Famous heavyweight boxing champion, minister, author, and entrepreneur George Foreman was born January 10, 1949, in Marshall, Texas. Growing up in poverty in Houston's Fifth Ward, Foreman ran into trouble with the law at 15 for fighting and mugging.

However, after joining the Lyndon B. Johnson Job Corps Program, he traveled to California where he met Doc Broaddus, a Job Corps counselor who encouraged him to become a boxer. In 1968 he won a gold Medal in the Mexico City Olympic Games after only 25 amateur fights, and entered professional boxing the following year.

Foreman won his first heavyweight world championship against Joe Frazier in Kingston, Jamaica in 1973. He defended his title twice against Jose Roman and Ken Norton, but fell to Muhammad Ali in the famous fight known as "The Rumble in the Jungle."

After losing a fight against Jimmy Young in Puerto Rico in 1977, Foreman received inspiration to retire from boxing at age 28 and become an ordained minister. Three years later, he founded The Church of the Lord Jesus Christ in Houston, where he preaches to this day.

Foreman returned to the ring in 1987 when his church's youth center needed funds to keep going. After his comeback, he won 24 consecutive fights and challenged the undefeated Evander Holyfield at age 42. 

In 1994, Foreman defeated Michael Moorer in the 10th round, becoming the oldest boxer to win a heavyweight championship at age 45. He defended his title against Alex Schultz in 1995, but gave it away after refusing a rematch. He retired in 1997 with a career record of 76 wins to five losses.

As a businessman, Foreman has sold more than 100 million George Foreman Lean Mean Grilling Machine with the Salton Corporation and other products. He also markets cleaning and self-care products, and a restaurant franchise. He has authored several cookbooks, an autobiography, self-help books, and two memoirs.

Foreman is also the father of 12 children, including five boys named George and seven girls. He owns a ranch with exotic animals near Marshall, where he enjoys spending time with family. 

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