The first sugar-fueled gingerbread house contest at the Edom Art Emporium is beginning soon. Judges are looking for the most Christmas inspired and creatively fabricated edible structures to participate in a contest from 3 to 7 p.m., Saturday, December 4.

Home bakers, kiddos, and professionals are invited to participate in one of three categories — All Ages, Professional, or Youth and Youth Group. Contestants, grab your spatulas and icing, 'cause it’s about to go down.

The Gingerbread House event coincides with the Winter Stroll and Christmas tree lighting in Edom. The town of Edom will be bursting with Christmas activities. Meredith Crawford will stroll and sing Christmas carols and some of her original tunes. Faux snow will fall as kids create take home craft activities. There will be a s'mores making station at The Experience and a cactus craft at Hip Horticulture. The end of the night will be topped off with the lighting of the Edom Christmas tree with Santa. Come to Edom and make a new local holiday tradition with us.

Donated gingerbread houses will be raffled off and proceeds will go to the East Texas Food Bank. Participants do not have to donate their houses to be part of the fun and can keep their creations.

About the Contest

Participants can drop off the gingerbread houses between November 23 to December 3. The entry deadline is December 3. Judging and awards occur Saturday, December 4.

The creative confections will be on display between November 27 to December 12. The auction occurs December 5 through 10 and auction winners will be announced December 11. Participants can pick up their creations between December 12-19 and remaining houses will be discarded December 23.

Entry Categories

Participants are required to submit entries under one entry category.

All Ages category: Any one or team of people can participate in this category with the exception of professional bakers. If youth and teens are working together without an adult, please choose the All Ages category.

Professional category for chefs and bakers: If you make a living cooking or baking, this is the category for you. A special shout out to your business will take place during our event, including press releases and posts on social media.

Youth or Youth Group category: This can be an individual child or a team younger than 12. They can get help from parents but must do the bulk of the decorating themselves using pre-made or homemade decorations.

Visit the Edom Art Emporium's website for more details about the Gingerbread House Contest at

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