"Lincoln" by Sophie Anthony of Dallas.

Applications are now open for an innovative grant opportunity known as the Young Masters Program. Texas Commission on the Arts and the the Texas Cultural Trust are investing in the future of the arts and the state's creative economy by funding youth educational programs. 

The grants are designed to give aspiring young artists the  financial help they need to pursue advanced study in the areas of visual arts, literary arts, folk arts, music, theater, dance, musical theater, and media arts. Secondary students in the eighth through eleventh grades are eligible to apply for grants of $5,000 per year for up to two years if they complete the required reports. 

Participants must be enrolled in an approved course such as a school-based arts program, summer institute, a specialized course of study, or receiving private lessons from a qualified instructor.

Other requirements include Texas and U.S. residency and passing grades in all academic areas. The program supports current studies does not offer college scholarships.

Students selected for the 2022 program will represent the eleventh class of Young Masters. To date, the Trust and TCA have named 169 Young Masters, awarding over $1,000,000 to these aspiring artists since the program’s inception in 2002.  

Applications are open every other year and due November 15. Submissions are judged on the student's artistic quality, individual capability and commitment, and the quality of the proposed course of study. Disbursement begins in the spring of 2022.

For more information and to apply for the program visit or contact Kenneth Williams at (512) 936-6581.

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