The Hit Men, (left to right), Steve Murphy, Lee Shapiro, Russ Velazquez, Jim Ryan, and Jeff Ganz.

Rock & Roll supergroup The Hit Men performs at 7:30 p.m. March 14 at the Greenville Municipal Auditorium.

The Hit Men, classic rock’s unique supergroup of legendary side men, are the 2019 recipients of Nashville’s Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum first-ever Road Warriors Award, given to them to honor “their years of dedication to the music, and the countless miles they have traveled in delivering so many hits throughout the world.”

The Hit Men are five musicians who recorded and/or toured with the artists whose hits they play — including the biggest names in rock history from Paul McCartney and Elton John, to Frankie Valli, Foreigner, The Who, Toto, Carole King, Cat Stevens, Jim Croce, The Rascals and more. They appear on some 85 albums, many of them gold and platinum. They are the actual artists heard in concert and on the original versions of classic rock’s most important songs.

In their multi-media show, The Hit Men not only play the classic rock hits they helped rocket to the top of the Billboard charts, they also share fascinating insider back stories about their days on the road and in recording studios with rock royalty. From transistor radios, vinyl, 8-track tapes and cassettes to the Sony Walkman, CD’s, digital downloads and the Apple iPod, The Hit Men have seen and heard it all.

The Hit Men are: keyboardist and group founder Lee Shapiro, lead guitarist/vocalist Jimmy Ryan, bassist/vocalist Jeff Ganz, keyboardist, percussionist & vocalist Russ Velazquez and drummer and vocalist, Steve Murphy.

Learn more about them on www.thehitmenlive.com and for tickets visit www.showtimeatthegma.com

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