Fine dining in Palestine, Texas, is now even more special at the Queen St Grille where guests enjoy American cuisine with sophisticated local flavor and exquisite decor. Few restaurants in the region can rival the quality of the Grille’s upscale fare and refined historic atmosphere.

Chef Saul Ramirez offers an upscale Texas cuisine that emphasizes quality and freshness with flavors that appeal to local diners. His American steakhouse style menu — featuring 1855 brand angus beef and seafood entrees — incorporates rich southwestern flavors such as jalapeño, roasted corn and peppers, and pickled onions.

Ramirez is a Certified Executive Chef who attended culinary school in Reno, Nevada, and belongs to the American Culinary Federation. He takes pride in crafting American cuisine that reflects regional tastes.

Ramirez says the menu is based on fresh, high-quality ingredients, including fresh herbs and seasonal vegetables.

“We wanted to accomplish an upscale menu you cannot find anywhere around here,” Ramirez says. “It has infused the flavor profile that people like in this area.”

Appetizers include baked brie wrapped in a puff pastry or roasted artichoke and Brussel sprouts, crab cakes, or stuffed prawns with crabmeat.

Steaks are the Grille’s main specialty, but a range of alternative dishes — from seafood and vegetarian entrees to pork loin and chicken — are available. For example, Chef Ramirez is introducing vegetarian Wellington, made with sauteéd fresh vegetables baked in puff pastry with a roasted red pepper sauce.

The menu pairs wines with entrees and desserts for a more flavorful fine dining experience, and the bar offers its own menu of unique cocktails.

For dessert the Grille offers strawberry Grand Marnier in a chocolate cup, vanilla ginger creme bruleé, chocolate tuxedo cake, and salted caramel cheesecake.

Guests at the Grille can expect to enjoy the best seasonal flavors throughout the year. Chef Ramirez changes the menu every three months according to availability of fresh produce.

The Queen’s decor is tasteful, inviting, and spacious. Eleven-foot windows surrounding the dining room provide abundant natural light for mid-day luncheons. At night guests enjoy views of historic buildings — namely the Carnegie Library and Sacred Heart Catholic Church — through open windows.

As part of the historic Redlands Hotel built in 1914, the Grille features high ceilings, decorative molding, and original tile flooring laid by Italian artisans.

The room’s color palette offers warm, comforting colors such as khaki, beige, and mahogany. A large wall sculpture of individually-blown fluted glass plates adds color and sparkle to the dining area, while wisteria vine chandeliers add elegance similar to light fixtures popular in the 1920s.

Owner Jean Mollard says dining at the Grille is “like sitting in a garden room,” surrounded by views of historic architecture.

The new decor adds shape, color, and light to the dining area.

“We wanted to add a spark of eclectic taste,” Mollard said.

The Grille’s fine dining pairs nicely with a stay at the Redlands Hotel during Palestine’s Dogwood Trails Festival in late March and early April — or during a weekend getaway any time of year.

Queen Street is a destination in itself in the heart of Main Street Palestine, which features several fine examples of historic architecture built during the town’s railroad days.

The Carnegie Library and Sacred Heart Catholic Church are across the street on either side. Guests can gaze at the historic buildings from the dining room then view them up close on a brief stroll after lunch or dinner.

The Grille’s spacious floor plan provides ample space for social distancing. Aside from the main dining area, the Grille has a separate bar and small private dining room with upscale rustic decor. The restaurant’s regular capacity is 120 people; 60 guests can dine at a time under current health guidelines.

Outdoor dining on the Redlands Hotel’s spacious second-floor terrace is also a special experience. Guests can order takeout meals and bring them upstairs to enjoy the fresh air and sunset.

The Grille is open for lunch and dinner 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 5 to 9 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday and on some Sundays for special occasions. Call (903) 723-2404 for information or reservations.

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