On Saturday, February 6, 2021, Kids' Trout Fishing Day takes place at Bridge Bob's Pond in the Mineola Nature Preserve. The event is sponsored by Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, the City of Mineola, local merchants, civic organizations, and many individual contributors. It takes place from 9 a.m. to noon and is free to area youth and adult fishing mentors. No fishing license is required.

Anglers are encouraged to bring a light-action rod-and-reel combo with small fishing hooks, light line (12 lb. test or less), small bobbers and small split shot, and bait to take a chance at catching some of the 1,250 rainbow trout that are stocked by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. Whole kernel corn, salmon eggs, marshmallows, small worms, Berkley power bait, and small spinners are generally the favorite baits for trout. 

For those that don't have fishing gear, volunteers from the local area and TPWD are on hand to help with fishing and to provide loaner rod and reels and bait.

Because this event is sponsored in part by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, there is a special exemption in effect during the event. Adults who are actively helping kids fish for trout are exempt from the normal license requirements during the event. Also, guests are allowed to keep all they can catch so are encouraged to bring a stringer or small cooler.

Mineola Nature Preserve is located at 1860 County Road 2724 just south of Mineola. From US 69, exit east onto Loop 564, then turn south onto CR 2724 going approximately 1.5 miles to the main entrance on the right. Mineola Nature Preserve, a Mineola city park, is open every day from 7:30 a.m. until sunset. There is no entrance fee for entering the preserve. Other information about Mineola Nature Preserve can be found at the preserve website at

For more information on Kids' Fish Day, call TPWD at (903) 593-5077.

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