The Stratton Story, a movie based on the true life of Monty Stratton, starred  Jimmy Stewart and June Allyson, appeared in theaters nationwide on May 12, 1949.

Stratton pitched for the Chicago White Sox in the 1930's, gaining a record of 37 wins to 19 losses, until his career took an unusual turn.

Stratton was hunting rabbits on his family farm when he fell and his shotgun discharged. The bullet hit a major artery in his right leg, which doctors amputated the next day. 

After Stratton was fitted with a wooden leg, he continued coaching and practicing with the White Sox. Stratton made a comeback as a Minor League pitcher in 1946 and continued his career into the 1950's.

Stratton died of cancer in 1982 and rests in Greenville's Memoryland Memorial Park.

The movie recounts the romantic story of Stratton and his wife Ethel as they overcame the physical loss, rebuilt their lives, and Stratton resumed his career as a Minor League pitcher.

The Stratton Story premiered May 12, 1949, at The Texan Theater in Greenville. Click HERE to watch a video trailer.

Greenville's Audie Murphy/American Cotton Museum displays memorabilia from Stratton's career, including the wooden leg. Click HERE to view a video about the museum's display about Stratton, or read more about the Audie Murphy Museum

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