Living and playing in the Upper East Side of Texas for about six months of the year means easy access to fresh, locally grown produce. Rural folks and small town leaders know how to make a party out of anything and their markets are no exception.

For those who enjoy a good cold beer, add these breweries in the region to your bucket list.

A Texas Snowball, a Thingamajig, and a Little Pud are just a few of the sweets known far and wide produced by Mary of Puddin Hill. But it is another treat that started it all and a recent turn of events that brings this famous fruitcake story full circle.

The small, but mighty, town of Winnsboro, Texas, always seems to have so many good things going on. Much of that has to do with the fact that its foundation is centered around food and art.

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Sulphur Springs’ Celebration Dining District — where American and international flavors and beverages are all within a short walking distance — is an ideal location for a foodie tour. Visit these culinary standouts to sample some of the best cuisine in the Celebration City, or plan your own …

When mother and daughter Carolyn DeWoody and Amber Green found themselves with one acre of land tucked into a corner of the vineyards of Los Pinos Ranch near Pittsburg, it was easy to envision a perfect getaway destination.

On Thanksgiving Eve, people line up along East Crawford Street in Old Town Palestine for blocks, waiting patiently for up to an hour on warm days to purchase the perfect pie at Oxbow Bakery. Owners Becky and David Wolfe sell about 400 pies before Thanksgiving — mostly to visitors from out of town.

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People from all around the Upper East Side of Texas enjoy the vibe at Art Foster’s first restaurant, Foster’s Place Restaurant & Pub in Pickton, Texas, since it opened in 2010. With good food, live music, and its middle-of-nowhere “getaway” location, it’s a popular dining destination for many.

Built more than 100 years ago as part of The Redlands Hotel, the Queen St Grille offers an elegance and historic character that celebrates Palestine’s railroad heritage with sophistication and flair.

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The Shreveport-Bossier Convention and Tourist Bureau crafted brunch and astrology pairings based on 12 local restaurants and the characteristics of each zodiac sign. Use your birthday as a guide to find your ideal Shreveport-Bossier brunch spot and post-brunch activity from the list below.

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Kristin Mcrae discovered an unknown talent when she began teaching herself to decorate cookies and cakes five years ago. Though she’d never worked in a bakery or taken cooking classes, photos posted on Pinterest and Instagram inspired her to try it out, and she hasn’t stopped since.

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Being cooped up for months because of the Covid-19 quarantine led some people to make less-than-stellar food choices. Eating out of boredom is never a good idea.