Juls Asian Fusion Restaurant & Café


7212 Old Jacksonville Highway,

Tyler, TX 75703


Juls Asian Fusion Restaurant, Lounge, and Café —which celebrated its one-year anniversary in December, is located near the FRESH by Brookshire’s grocery store on Old Jacksonville Highway in Tyler. Surrounded by a patio that opens onto a stunning water feature, this modern, eclectic eatery envelops one in an atmosphere that is reminiscent of Austin and offers food, drinks and events that uphold its cosmopolitan image.

Friendly, knowledgeable servers and hostesses are an important factor that made my experience at Juls enjoyable. They informed me of the many events that Juls hosts year-round, happily answered any questions I had regarding the menu and readily offered up recommendations.

After much debate, I decided to begin my meal with an appetizer of steamed edamame. Juls offers classic edamame seasoned with sea salt or, for those who prefer a bold twist on an old favorite, sweet and spicy edamame. I chose the sweet and spicy edamame and was not disappointed with the sweet heat, although eating it did prove to be messy and required a few napkins to wipe the sauce from my fingers.

I chose two entrees for lunch, one American and one Asian. My American choice was the Dragon Burger. The burger was topped with chipotle mayo, roasted jalapenos, and pepper jack cheese, and used cilantro in place of lettuce. All of these ingredients together made for a juicy burger packed with sizzling flavor combinations that were delicious but that possibly should be avoided by those who prefer milder foods. The hand-cut fries served alongside this burger were thin, seasoned with sea salt and cracked pepper and were the ideal balance of soft and crispy.

For an Asian flair, I sampled Juls’ Chicken Teriyaki stir-fry. This dish had a savory taste as opposed to the sweet taste it has when prepared at most other Asian restaurants, which I found to be refreshing. Paired with fresh, crisp vegetables and served over a fragrant bed of jasmine rice, Juls’ teriyaki chicken was a flavorful take on an Asian staple. As a bonus for those who cannot or prefer to not eat gluten, it is important to note that this stir fry and many other Juls menu items can be made gluten-free.

Along with the above dishes, I also recommend trying Juls’ sushi bar, specialty cocktails, and Café. Juls is a restaurant that is well-suited for spending an evening listening to live music, celebrating a special occasion, or eating brunch with friends.

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