Lola’s Handcrafted Sandwiches Continue to Impress

The Heaven Can Wait sandwich at Lola's Handcrafted Sandwich is full of turkey sprouts, provolone, avocado, and cilantro lime mayo on fresh bread.

Lola’s Handcrafted Sandwiches in Tyler repeatedly provides guests with some of the freshest, biggest, and most flavorful sandwiches in the Upper East Side of Texas, hosting a hefty menu of gourmet sandwiches to appease any appetite.

They use fresh and local ingredients to bring healthy meals to their customers, and provide support for their neighborhood farmers. They also bake their bread fresh every morning, all meats are grilled or smoked, and all come whole or in primal cuts.

Among the multitude of crafty sandwiches, some of the basics include the Club, Grilled Cheese, a BLT, and Chicken Salad. Some of the more complicated — and popular — sandwiches include the Mob Boss, made with ham, salami, prosciutto, mozzarella, basil, tomato, pesto aioli and balsamic vinegar on a sub roll; PIGmento, pimento cheese, sweet and spicy pickles and ham on homemade white bread; and Bron-Jr-Aur, with roasted pork, ham, bacon, cheddar, grilled onions and sriracha mayo on a homemade onion bun.

My personal favorite is Heaven Can Wait — it is packed full of turkey, lettuce, tomato, provolone, avocado, cucumber, with little plant sprouts and cilantro lime mayo on soft, savory bread. One sandwich is enough to last me for lunch and dinner.

I would definitely say I get my money’s worth from the excellent service, energetic atmosphere, and absolutely amazing food.

The sandwiches are best paired with their homemade potato chips — which can be "kicked up" by adding things like ranch dressing, cheese, bacon, blue cheese crumbles, or green onion — or one of their creamy soups. They also provide a menu for the kids, and a small choice of desserts, including freshly baked cookies, or a Cake for the Cause — all profits raised from the cakes are donated to different nonprofit charities each month.

The multitude of windows floods the eating area with warm sunlight, adding to the soft, open atmosphere of the room. The decorations lean more towards a rustic or vintage feel, with the large logo of a woman walking a pig on a leash dominating one wall and casual decorations on the rest. Also interesting is the painted menu that covers the entire back wall behind the front counter.

Lola’s is open Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. and closed on Sundays. It is located at 16700 FM 2493/Old Jacksonville Highway south of Toll Road 49. Before you go, learn more about Lola’s at or call (903) 630-5652.

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