Focus on Editorial Content More Than Internet Ads For Best Promotions Strategy

As internet AD BLOCKING continues to grow (198 million active ad block users around the world to date) make sure you aren't putting too much of your marketing mix in to internet digital ads — a better idea is to focus on getting editorial coverage to support your advertising efforts.

Not only do people block internet ads because they don't want to see them, but they also block because they can eat up data allotments and there's a perception that some may lead to viruses and annoying malware.

In general, many people pay no attention to them because they do not feel the internet is trustworthy.

So how do you best take advantage of the internet market? First, if digital ads are packaged in with print or other mediums at no or low cost, it's certainly worth the investment as you can assume that a certain amount of people will see them. And second, make sure your message is getting viewed in as much CONTENT as possible.

When consumers started skipping TV commercials through TVO devices, savvy advertisers learned to get their message into TV programs. While that's a very expensive process for TV, it's not quite as costly to do in print.

Talk to your favorite mediums about a strategic advertising plan that includes content coverage. Send press releases when you have something newsworthy to say. Most print content is available online as well and that combination is a powerful way to keep your name in front of thousands of people every day.

Spending a few minutes each week on media relations helps to ensure your business, town, or event is making its way into print, digital, and even broadcast content. Follow this link for a few more ideas on building media relations.

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