Get Ready for Small Business Saturday

Shop Small Saturday is November 30, 2019. It's a day when people that love to shop hit the stores more than any other day of the year. Shop Small is a movement that asks consumers to support small businesses, rather than huge corporations that don't need the money nearly as much.

The experiences with small shops are so much more rewarding than entering a credit card on a device. Not only do consumers feel good about helping out the businesses and communities, but they get authentic interactions with shopkeepers, and the quality of the products are often either hand-crafted or carefully selected by talented buyers.

Attached are some tips compiled by Seacost Bank from last year's insight survey on how shopkeepers can make the most of the day. Many are free or low-cost opportunities. They do advise doing paid advertising so be sure to keep that in mind for next year and get in County Line's November/December issue with the CLM Gift Guide.

Also, if you are not listed in the County Line Magazine RESOURCES, set up an account and enter your business for free. Go to MY ACCOUNT at the bottom of the page and follow directions from there.

If your business is located in one of the County Line Partners towns or districts, click on it to show up in their Explore Guide for added exposure.

If you offer sales ONLINE, also click on LOCAL ONLINE next to Explore Guides to have your business show up in that category. This site is promoted to reach those who want the convenience of shopping from their computers and mobile devices, but also want to support local economies in the region.

Good luck on Shop Small Saturday and let's see if we can keep this movement going throughout the year.

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