Tyler Launches New Websites

This month, Visit Tyler and Downtown Tyler joined efforts to launch two new websites that will

complement each other in order to reach a broader audience.

The new Downtown Tyler and Visit Tyler websites will feature user-friendly designs and layouts as well as

highlight attractions, amenities, events, and facilities. The websites will also be compatible with mobile devices.

"We thought it was important to combine marketing efforts to create a more cohesive brand with Downtown

Tyler and a better online experience," Julie Goodgame, City of Tyler said. "With the new sites, visitors will be

happy to find how easy it is to seamlessly navigate between the two."

Each website will have its own unique features in addition to the shared features. The Downtown website will list all of the amenities of Downtown and property and rental information for the area. The Visit Tyler website will have a robust list of attractions and amenities within the entire city as well as a list of services and amenities that appeal to people traveling to Tyler such as convention and meeting services, a list of

accommodations, and more.

"Every year, more than 90 million Americans use the internet to plan their travel," Holli (Conley) Fourniquet,

Visit Tyler Vice President of Marketing said. "That’s why it’s important to ensure those people planning their

travel to Tyler have a good experience researching the destination. More tourists mean more money to our


The two sites were designed by local brand agency Route2 Advertising.

To complement the investment in the new sites, Visit Tyler has also implemented a strategic online marketing

campaign to increase Tyler’s online presence. So far the campaign has one of the strongest click through rates in the state with an average of 5.53%, well above the travel industry benchmark. It is expected to continue to double or even triple the industry standard within the coming year.

To view the new sites, go to www.VisitTyler.com or www.DowntownTyler.net.

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