Barndominiums are popping up everywhere, including the Upper East Side of Texas. They are not necessarily less expensive than other projects. The average cost of a new home in the region is about $90 per square foot compared to the barndominium which can run between $85 to $125 per square foot, depending on size, materials, and builder.

There are also barebones barndominium kits and basic shells that average about $26 per square foot. However, those do not include walls, doors, windows, and interior features.

Durability and long-term maintenance are perhaps the best reasons why people are choosing barndominiums over conventional homes.

A stud frame typically includes 2x4 studs. Barndominiums use the post-frame design, which includes wood or metal posts measuring 4x6 inches or 6x6 inches.

The thicker posts are anchored to a concrete slab and extend a minimum of 40 inches into the ground. With thicker posts and a more secure foundation, barndominiums provide greater structural integrity.

For people who live in a rural area, the structural integrity of the home is important. The stability of a barndominium allows it to withstand strong winds and debris during storms. Steel is also more resistant to environmental elements like heat and water. The material is more fire resistant and there’s no risk of termites or other bugs that chew through wood.

Metal doesn’t rot and lasts a long time. Metal roofs are estimated to have a 40-70 year lifespan while shingles average 25 years.

Barndominium designs are versatile. The first barndominiums featured the addition of living space to barns, workshops, and other structures. Many people like to build a property that combines living and work areas.

Barndominiums use large posts supported by girts. The design allows for wide, open interiors, as it often eliminates the need for load-bearing walls.

The open interior of a post-frame building provides more options when choosing the layout and floor plan. Builders can choose an open design where the living room, dining area, and kitchen blend together or a more traditional style, with hallways and separate rooms.

Energy efficiency is also cited as a big reason people choose barndominiums. Insulation options and energy efficient windows are capable of decreasing the costs of energy and the open layout designs provide good air circulation.

Barndominiums are often quicker to build compared to standard homes so some choose this option as it allows them to move into a new home sooner.

Building a new home is likely to become one of the most expensive projects that people do. As with any major decision, it’s important to take the time to weigh the pros and cons of various options.

Don Howe is with Barndominium Life, a website publication focused on celebrating all things barndominium. Learn more at

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