The Treehouse at Prayer-E Land just a few miles outside of Terrell, Texas, offers a fun, unique way to enjoy a getaway. As expected when sleeping in a treehouse, the space is small with a sofa that converts to a full size bed, a tiny kitchen area, and a corner chair, the perfect size for one or two people. It is comfortable to sit in and sleep in, and is decorated with lots of colorful, eclectic décor.

The bathroom is a short walk away in a community bathhouse.

The treehouse has two levels of decks with seating where people can eat a meal, work remotely, or just sit and enjoy nature. There is also a sitting space underneath it with a swing made from tractor seats and some chairs so that guests have all the room needed to spread out and enjoy the surroundings.

Thoughtful and whimsical touches are everywhere around the grounds — bottle trees, antique metal bed springs strung with lights, tractor seat barstools, artsy yard art and planters, and so much more. It is fun to keep spotting all the unique decorations.

This is a dog friendly place to stay, and guests will more than likely be greeted at the entrance gate by the owners’ four friendly dogs.

Prayer-E-Land is a secluded area where guests feel safe among the sounds of the outdoors, such as crickets and birds, a possible far off coyote or owl, and the distant roaring of the neighbor’s lions and tigers from Pride Rock Wildlife Refuge.

The hosts of Prayer-E-Land are very friendly, kind, and great to work with. They are helpful in making sure that everything is set up to their guests’ liking. They leave special muffins or snacks and drinks upon arrival, and either provide face-to-face help and instruction or give their guests privacy, based on preference.

The community bathhouse is clean with toilets and a full private shower room. There is also a community fire pit, picnic tables, and an outdoor barbecue grill.

Other places to stay in this small glamping-style community include the Miner’s Shack and the Shasta Trailer, two other small unique places with their own distinctive decorations and amenities. All can be found on Go to, for more information on each of the facilities.

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