Texas Abandoned Dogs Find Homes in New Jersey

Foster mom Brenda House loading up her foster dog Eve in January 2019. Brenda rescued Eve in November and nursed her back to health for two months. Eve was the only survivor from her litter.

There are a lot of dog lovers in Texas but even they can’t take in all the homeless dogs in the state. Rescuers are constantly trying to find homes for strays and those in shelters and it can be a big problem.

Texas Abandoned Dogs Find Homes in New Jersey

Teresa Carroll laughs with Heather Flores of J.G Transports for Pets and some Lone Star foster moms as they load dogs for a trip to New Jersey in January 2019.

Fortunately — due to strict breeding laws, pet registration policies, and citations for pets not being spayed/neutered — New Jersey is not as pet overpopulated as Texas. This means they have a higher number of residents available to rescue. Many homeless Texas dogs are happily finding themselves traveling to the Garden State with homes waiting for them there.

Lone Star Transport Dogs is a nonprofit helping to facilitate these rescues in East Texas and the Hill Country at this time. In 2018, they were able to save 668 dogs and they’ve saved well over a hundred in 2019 already.

Texas Abandoned Dogs Find Homes in New Jersey

Volunteers for Lone Star Transport Dogs are dedicated to saving abandoned dogs in Texas and getting them to waiting forever homes in New Jersey. Heather Davis and her former foster Dozer, who was adopted in the spring of 2018, were reunited at Eleventh Hour Rescue’s Puptoberfest in New Jersey in September 2018.

When they are given a homeless dog or rescue one from a shelter, Lone Star Transport Dogs finds foster homes through their volunteer network for just two to four weeks at a time. During that time the dogs are spayed and neutered and given needed vaccinations. Then, they are transported to their New Jersey partner, Eleventh Hour Rescue, who matches the dogs with forever families.

Lone Star Transport Dogs needs funding to help with care of the dogs and more short-term foster homes. To get more information go to their Facebook page

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