Singer-songwriter Martin Sexton is scheduled to perform at 5 p.m. January 23 at The Bowery Stage in Winnsboro.

Martin nurtured a critically-acclaimed trademark aesthetic through embracing soul, folk, blues, rock, pop, and sweet balladry. His work gets rave reviews from the likes of the Wall Street Journal, Billboard, Folk Alley/NPR Music, and Relix Magazine.

“(He’s) the real thing — a star with potential to permanently affect the musical landscape and keep us entertained for years to come,” says Billboard.

His ability to hone in on little defining moments suits Martin as a songwriter as evident by his latest EP, 2020 Vision. This is Martin’s first release in six years, and it is a poetically emotive and an elegantly evocative pandemic scrapbook.

“In one song, I’m building a treehouse with my son. In another song, I’m crossing America and seeing the beauty in people rising through adversity and loving each other,” Martin details.

The recordings were tracked virtually during lockdown and produced by three-time Grammy-nominee John Alagia, best known for producing John Mayer’s breakout album, Room For Squares. Mayer, who has always championed Martin as a foundational influence, makes a special guitar solo cameo on one of the EP’s singles, “Calling on America.”

Concert tickets are $35-$45. Visit or call (903) 342-0686.

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