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We make our clay body from various wet and dry clays. One half of the body is prepared in Murchison, Texas by Blackjack Clay. We make our glazes. Doug’s years of experience, trial, error, sweat and tears have created the jewel tones that are the trademark of the studio. We bisque fire to 1800 degrees, the pots are then glazed and fired again to 2400 degrees. By controlling the gas to air ratio, we achieve the reduction atmosphere that creates the unusual glazes. Our pots are food, microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe. Our studio operates the way things were done hundreds of years ago, most of the pieces are a collaboration. Each of us has something to do with the final product, which is the reason the pots are signed POTTERS BROWN. We make things for people to use daily, to grace their table, homes and lives. We hope you enjoy our work, as much as we enjoyed making it for you. Edom is located halfway between Dallas and Shreveport, just 13 miles south of I20, at the intersection of FM roads 314 and 279. We are open most days, but close on occasion, so call if you need us to be there. Usually the store is open, and if you don't see anyone around make yourself at home. Squeeky the cat may be there to say hello, and if you see something you like , leave us a check in the register. We operate on the honor system, and if we don't meet you this time, hope we do soon in the future.


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