New York Texas Zip Line Adventures

About New York Texas Zip Line Adventures

Each ZipLine Tour lasts approximately 1 1/2 to 2 hrs. Tours are available for ages 5 and up. Certain restrictions apply. Experienced Zip Guides fit each guest with a harness, helmet and all the appropriate gear that is needed for the ZipLine tour. Safety is their biggest concern. Zip Guides handle the zipline gear at all times to ensure safety. New York, Texas ZipLine Adventures begin with ground school where guides demonstrate and teach all the procedures needed for a safe and thrilling ZipLine Adventure. Each guest practices on a cable close to the ground until they learn the proper breaking system used. From there, participants zip from tree top to tree top and on the longest ZipLine that is more than 940 ft. long and over 100ft. above the ground. There are two small hikes between the last two platforms which give an up close look at the surrounding natural environment.


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