The Guardian of the Stars – The Journey of Anais With the Wind written by Davide Amante in 2019 recently won Best Children’s Book of the Year 2021 but captivates all ages with its literary prowess.

The book is a poetic and literary work in the guise of a children’s tale. DMA Books recently released Guardian on Amazon and other retail sites.

Besides a children’s and young adult literary masterpiece, the novel is also an extremely interesting read for adults. Many observers consider this book the first modern competitor to the most famous children’s books such as de Saint Exupery’s The Little Prince.

"The story is compelling, the writing is of the highest literary level still with a simplicity that conquers, the protagonist is a girl, and there is so much to learn about life here,” the publisher states.

The story follows a girl, whose name is Anais, who visits in summertime a deserted island. The girl‘s grandfather is the only resident and lighthouse keeper.

One particular summer the wind comes to the island and blows so strong that Anais, for the first time in her life, discovers the other side of things. 

Driven by the Wind, the Forest of Talking Trees, a Wolf and her connection with nature, Anais discovers the beauty of the world as she takes a journey across an island. Her journey leads her to discover the meaning of life, loneliness, her emotions and love.

Davide Amante is a celebrated award-winning novelist who published four novels, is translated in many languages and has written screenplays for the film industry.

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