Secretarybirds by Cheryl Medow

Cheryl Medow is featured in a new exhibition presented online by PDNB Gallery in Dallas through August 29. Medow takes photographs of a diverse variety of birds, traveling to environments sometimes as close as her backyard and often traveling to places far from home. 

While waiting for the precise moment to capture the image, she studies the surroundings, allowing her to better understand birds in their home environment, looking for food, balancing on a tree branch, hiding from predators, building a nest, courting and fighting for territory; these moments are fascinating and enable her an opportunity for her curiosity and imagination to find expression.

The next process in her creation happens in her studio in Southern California where images she captured in the field take on a whole new expression. Through the use of photographic technology, she places the birds in a background of places they've never seen like stormy clous from the Galapagos, the desert landscape of Tucson, Arizona, or the Maasai Mara in Kenya. 

Learn more about Medow and see her work at PDNB's online exhibit.

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