"Earlie Hudnall, Jr."

Please Do Not Bend Gallery (PDNB) of Dallas features "Past and Present: Photographs by Earlie Hudnall, Jr." online through September 30 and in its gallery by appointment, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday, September 15 through October 31.

Houston photographer Earlie Hudnall experienced a groundswell of attention locally and nationally in 2020. During this year's Juneteenth celebration, the New York Times published his tender image, "The Kiss," taken in 1989 in Houston.

TIME Magazine featured a generous eight-page spread of Hudnall's new and old images in the August 17 issue. Penned by journalist Paul Moakley, he also wrote about Hudnall's influence on cinematographer James Laxton's Oscar-winning film "Moonlight" in 2016.

Hudnall's work is also featured in recent exhibitions including the Museum of Fine Arts Houston’s timely exhibition, "Soul of a Nation: Art in the Age of Black Power." Another solo exhibition at the Houston City Hall features many of Hudnall’s images from the historic neighborhood west of downtown with roots that trace back to Freedmen’s Town, settled by freed slaves.

His work is also included in an exhibition at Houston's Holocaust Museum this month.

Hudnall's photography provides a window to the vibrant communities of color in Houston's inner city neighborhoods over 40 years.

This exhibition features new work and older images not seen in the gallery since the 1990’s.

To schedule an appointment, call (214) 969-1852 or email info@pdnbgallery.com. The gallery is located at at 154 Glass Street, Dallas, Texas, 75207. Masks are required for safety.

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