Tyler native Sarah Bray is returning to launch a new fashion brand at Olive and Home, an interior design studio at 6813 Old Jacksonville Highway in Tyler. She is launching a collection of fashions, Sarah Bray Bermuda, in October as a pop-up inside the design store.

Sarah Bray grew up in Tyler, leaving to spend a decade in New York City, where she worked in the fashion and magazine industries, but moved to Bermuda, where she currently lives. Bray said she became disenchanted with the fashion industry in the Big Apple, which promotes consumption of luxury goods, which is not environmentally friendly.

“I was conflicted: I love beautiful things and art history (decorative and fashion history included), but glamorizing wasteful, non-essential products started to hugely conflict with my ethics and love of our planet,” Bray says.

The move to Bermuda was an opportunity to refocus her talents and career. The brand she developed is inspired by the island’s sunny tropical vibe, featuring classic looks made with vintage fabrics, ribbons, and stylish hats made with environmentally-friendly materials.

“In an effort to stop adding non-essential waste to our beautiful world, I am launching a collection made from antique, vintage, recycled, and biodegradable materials,” Bray says. “Anything requiring additional stitching and assembly is done by local artisans within my home state of Texas and new home in Bermuda.”

For information about the new brand, visit or email Bray at

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