Palestine Main Street is taking applications for the ninth annual Palestine Art Tracks Sculpture Trail in downtown Palestine.

Artists are invited to send their applications with photos for jury selection. No entry fee is required, and all artists selected will receive a $500 stipend for expenses, including transport. Applications are due October 29, 2020, and installations will take place in November.

The 2020-21 trail offers $2,000 in prizes awarded to artists for the top three sculptures in a later competition. Private individuals and businesses donate funds for the competition and other in-kind services, such as printing.

Sculptures must be a minimum of three feet, though the selection committee encourages taller sculptures, which are suitable for outdoors. All locations are on city right of ways or property and are visible from streets and sidewalks. Although the railroad played a large role in Palestine's past, railroad-themed submissions are not required.

Each artist loans the work for up to a year. Some will stand on bases donated by Texas State Railroad and welded by students at Westwood High School.

Cori Conrad, Palestine Main Street Coordinator, says the program benefits everyone.

“The Art Tracks Program provides modern inspiration and artistic expression to our historic downtown, reflecting our appreciation for the past while highlighting our desire to move forward,” she says.

Sculptor Dale Montagne proposed the idea for the trail in 2010 after visiting Palestine. He offered the community a vision of sculpture art as a downtown attraction. The idea, Montagne told them, was train motifs or railroad history in Palestine’s public spaces.

In 2012, Palestine Main Street hosted its first Art Tracks Trail. Since the first show, more than 116 sculptures have enhanced Main Street.

Entries for this year’s Art Tracks competition are available at, and must be completed online.

For questions about the program or requirements, contact Mary Raum at or at (903) 723-3053.

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